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     The Official Site of the Tejas Indian Nation


     Native Americans of Tejas Unit One Links:

·       Plains Indian Teepee

·       Teepee Photos

·       Wickiups

·       Chiricahua Wikiup

·       Native American Housing

·       Native American Housing Types

·       Prehistoric Houses

·       Native American Shelters


Native Americans of Tejas Unit Two Links:

·       Birchbark Canoes

·       History of Canoes

·       Canoe Building

·       Native American Watercraft

·       Bark Canoes

·       Dog Travois

·       Horse Travois



Native Americans of Tejas Unit Three Links:

·       Native Food Index

·       Native Recipes

·       Native American Recipes

·       Mortars and Pestles

·       Indian Foods and Recipes

·       What’s For Dinner

·       Hunting without Guns

·       Nopalitos


Native Americans of Tejas Unit Three Links:

·       Leather Bags and Pouches

·       American Indian Bags






Native Americans of Tejas Unit General Links:


§       Native Americans - Student info on Native Americans

§       Notable Women Ancestors - Native Americans - Important Native American women

§       Just Curious - Native Americans - Library page with Native American links for students

§       Homework Center - Native American Sites - Many educational links

§       Tribal Histories - Information on specific tribes of each geographical region.

§       Native Americans of Texas

§       Journeys of the First Americans

§       The Caddo Confederacies

§       Coastal Indians of Texas

§       Plains Indians of Texas

§       Rio Grande Region Indians of Texas

§       Tonkawa Indians of Texas

§       Witchita Indians of Texas

§       Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site

§       Caddo Cultures in Texas

§       A History of the Caddo Indians

§       Caddo Effigy Bowl

§       Alabama Coushatta History

§       Alabama-Coushatta Indians

§       Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

§       Kickapoo Indians

§       Kickapoo History

§       Prehistoric Peoples

§       Karankawas and the Austin Colony

§       Karankawa Indian Camp Site

§       Karankawa Hunter

§       Native American Myths

§       The Karankawas of Padre

§       Tonkawa of Texas

§       Tonkawa Nation

§       Indians in Texas

§       Rock Art Near El Paso Texas

§       Rock Art Foundation

§       Petroglyph National Monument







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